Obvious spam accounts


I’m just wondering, if an account is clearly a spammer (User page text, user card text), but they haven’t exactly said anything spammy, but just post inane crap that’s not worth anything to the BBS, is it acceptable to mark them as spam?

For example, @Wiseup_Shop just posted for the first time here:

But their user card and user page both indicate that they’re just a spammer. Is it okay to flag as spam everything they say until they defend themselves?


Thanks for the question. I was wondering the same. In my opinion this is spam, and improper. But…


I mean, yeah the account hasn’t exactly transgressed in what it’s posted… Yet. But the thing is, they’ve already broadcast that they have absolutely no intention of doing anything other than spamming just in their username and their user card/profile text. Shouldn’t that be enough? They can PM if they’re just playing a joke, and explain themselves. They can explain themselves in a post, but so far, they just look like the only reason they’re here is to spam.


I agree. Klicking on the profile information gave me a real ‘klickbait’ feeling. The messages are strange enough, is odd a better description? To check the profile, and bingo an other read/click.


It is rare for spammers to bother with semi-legit posting attempts, but yes, if you see this kind of stuff, :checkered_flag: it with extreme prejudice.

Remember that TL3 users have the one-click spam :man::gun: as well.


Thanks for clearing up that little detail. I just wanted to know if I can let slip the dogs of war when the automated filters don’t catch a virus in our midst.


Thanks from me also.


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