Octopus suckers don't just suck


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I, for one, welcome our octopodean overlords :space_invader:


To deal with all that sensory input, the vast majority of an octopus’s brain cells are in its eight arms!

That’s kind of like eight brains, right? So what if they disagree? Is an octopus a democracy, or does one rule over the others with an iron fist? Except not a fist.


iirc, there is a ring of neural tissue right at the area where all eight arms connect to the body
can someone google that for me? kthx!


Ten Tickles.

You know the set up for that joke already, right?


I once knew a guy who had the vast majority of his brain cells in his arms.


It would be kind of cool to be able to taste with our hands…



Their penis is also in their third right arm.

So, their brain is either in their penis, or dangerously close to their penis.


Does one have an orange glow and what looks like a dead animal at the top?


What happens if the central brain is disabled? Are the distributed brains sufficient for the animal to keep on performing the tasks needed for living?


Surprised this isn’t here already. I hate to contradict, but, if you’re a crab, octopus suckers just suck. Period.


I had one in a giant aquarium when I was about 15. I love cephalopods, but whenever I stuck my hand near it, it would grab my finger with a tentacle. There was a primordial creepiness to the way it felt. I could not resist pulling away immediately.


It’s twue! It’s twue! (NSFW)


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