Oculus Founder/alt-right troll Palmer Luckey teaming up with Peter Thiel to build surveillance tech



I hope CRISPR manipulation ofmammal genes is perfected soon, so we can create sapient coyotes to help with infiltrations.


Another “match made in heaven”. Yay.


Thiel may be an unpleasant guy in general, but I see nothing wrong with the Gawker part.

Gawker was a company with extremely suspect business practices and very loose morals. Their doom came because they brazenly defied a court order, and not content with that, thought a court was just the place for making extremely tasteless jokes. That blew up in their faces to the point that the jury awarded more money than Hogan asked for. Yep, they made themselves look like such asshats, that a random group of people felt like giving Hogan more than what he asked for.

Whether you agree or not with a court’s rulings and the thing you are being sued for, any sane person would try to avoid getting on the judge’s bad side, and would try their best to look like a reasonable person in court. Gawker did neither.

Thiel’s involvement in this case seems to have been limited to providing money for Hogan’s lawyers. That is exactly the same sort of thing organizations like the EFF and ACLU do, or what can be done by one’s parents and family, or any other friendly party. The only reason there could be something morally wrong with such a thing would be if Thiel funded a bunch of extremely suspect lawsuits to bleed Gawker dry through unreasonable lawsuits.

But that’s not what happened. Hogan had a case, and Gawker did a great job of sabotaging themselves.

None of this means I have any love for Thiel, but this particular case is quite fine with me.


It’s funny; if you go through that Rand phase in your teens and grow out of it, it’s like a great inoculation against sudden turns to the right later in life.
Fail to grow out of it and every conversation you have will be one that makes the other person wish they didn’t know you.


Oh please tell me that dovetails with this:


If it can be built, it can be hacked.


Palmer Luckey, the guy who founded Oculus, sold it to Facebook, and then used the money to fund racist, far-right meme creation in the 2016 election cycle

That isn’t true, Cory. This is the only thing they created. Not disputing that Palmer’s an asshole, but distorting things like this lends credibility to those who shout about fake news.


Surveillance is nothing without peripherals. I say, hook the system up to a few thousand of those turrets from Portal.

@mufflebutt, are you new here? That is precisely the purpose of Boing Boing - in fact, I hear they are funded by Putin under orders to destabilize not just the media, but reality itself. In the end, we will each have out own amniotic pod, like in the Matrix, but there will be no shared realtiy, only a billion equally true hallucinations.


Only one I know of was fun


Except Nimble America was literally run by the moderators of the_donald and only crashed and burned because the subreddit condemned them for taking money that should be going to Donald Trump’s campaign, because they were bought out by HRC and secretly trying to promote her, and because they were making things too real when everyone was just trolling and having fun.


This is all true, so I wouldn’t object if Cory had written “Palmer Luckey, the guy who founded Oculus, sold it to Facebook, and then donated to a non-profit founded by some moderators of the_donald, a subreddit which frequently features racist, far-right memes.”


[quote=“Annatar, post:16, topic:102174”]
The only reason there could be something morally wrong with such a thing would be if Thiel funded a bunch of extremely suspect lawsuits to bleed Gawker dry through unreasonable lawsuits.
[/quote]Uh, that’s exactly what he did. He not only funded the lawsuit that hogan eventually won after a lot of venue shopping and bench stacking, he also funded the half-dozen lawsuits hogan brought prior to that, all of which lost, AND the suit that hogan filed after the very publicized win. He also funded other multiple other lawsuits against Gawker, including lawsuits from Meanith Huon, Ashley Terrill, A larger class action suit, Shiva Ayyadurai(in a case that literally no other lawyer would take on because it’s nonsense, claiming he invented email eight years after the first email had been sent), Charles “Chuck” Johnson(multiple times). And that’s the ones we know about, there have been other cases more nebulously linked to Thiel and his pet legal firm, but with no hard evidence so far.

He’s also funding Ayyadurai’s case against the other Tech-press notable TechCrunch(Who also reported on Thiel embarrassingly crashing and burning of Clarion Capital), and has funded a startup to largely automate this process, pairing wealthy backers with litigators hoping for a case against particular entities.

If you don’t see anything wrong here, then I seriously question either your sense of right and wrong, or simply if you’re completely blind. And that’s the Giving-the-benefit-of-the-doubt kinda options.


I somehow doubt that since both are equally accurate. He used his money to fund the racist, far-right meme creation on the_donald and their attempt to launch a non-profit for Donald Trump.


Except he didn’t. Like you said, everyone was just trolling and having fun. Nobody paid them.


Except for Palmer Luckey who literally paid the moderators to work a nonprofit. Just because the nonprofit crashed and burned didn’t mean it wasn’t funded by a guy that bragged about funding it.


It doesn’t particularly matter if they would continue for free or if they got funded, the point is that Luckey gave a financial incentive to the ones creating the memes which encourages their creation and even encourages their escalation. That’s the point of the quote we are debating. The fact is that Oculus Founder and alt-right troll Palmer Luckey gave money to the moderators of the_donald to continue and legitimize their work even if the attempt to do so went extremely poorly for the non-profit.

And it Nimble America’s body of work is not the point either, because the_donald’s moderators were already producing racist memes and that’s the qualification Luckey used to fund them. So yes, he did fund a Nazi propaganda machine that churns out Nazi-themed images because the greater body of work of the individuals hired to do the job have dedicated a chunk of their lives to churning out Nazi-themed images in a modern day Nazi propaganda arm.

For example, if Luckey hired Richard Spencer for his social activism then he is funding Richard Spencer to do his Nazi work and his Nazi history even if the job he ended up doing wasn’t goose-stepping across the plaza.


And he’s a member of that alt-right clubhouse. What a coincidence!


Very well, I stand corrected then.

Though I still say that Gawker were their worst enemy. Disobeying court orders and flaunting it on their site was a seriously dumb idea. I understand that some people break the law intentionally for a good reason, where people like Snowden and Manning had convictions and reasons for doing what they did.

But Gawker thought that displaying Hogan’s balls to the world was the hill they wanted to die on. That’s just stupid.


Thiel’s bankrolling of the Gawker suit wasn’t out of some sort of sense of social justice – it was a revenge play, pure and simple. He had it in for Gawker and found something he could latch onto to exact his revenge.

… and the thing is, Thiel has a history of doing this exact thing: bankrolling attacks on media outlets he feels wronged by.

(And I’m not defending Gawker here. What they did was irresponsible and wrong, and they deserved to get sued and lose.)