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Waymo rage. And a few ladies and gentlemen have figured out that they can safely play chicken with a robot that’s going to avoid a collision. (But haven’t figured out that it has cameras and is recording everything.)

Arizona: People are violently attacking driverless cars from Google/Alphabet's Waymo





So YouTube recommended this video for me of commercials from the early 70’s, and I was struck while watching it how advertisers so frequently turned to the stern, deep voiced narrator to demonstrate authority, regardless of the product being sold, from dixie cups to dishwashing detergent.


Who knew that there are sooo many churches for sale:

On and on… for christ sake!



“If you can’t shoot nothing nice, don’t shoot nothing at all.”
I may have misquoted.


This is really common over here. Hard to find an actual church these days, most are apartments or museums by now.

A change I approve of.


That used to be my daily newspaper! Cottingham, where this eater-of-light lives, is quite a nice neighborhood, complete with university.

Not many miles away is another pensioner who hates Christmas lights:




This image was shot from the top of Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. They say the resolution is 195 gigapixels.

I think I can see my house from here.


I know compact cars, but this just looks uncomfortable.






Any context to help us understand?