Creepy cloaked figure photographed dropping meat near playground


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Oh, no! Don’t feed the kids raw meat! Normal kids need normal kid food, like Twinkies!


Wait. . . if it’s a “bogus prank”, does that mean it’s not a prank?


Looks a bit pranky.

But have they tested the meat? Some sick fucks like to leave poisoned food out for peoples pets to eat. Happens frequently enough for it to not be a crazy theory.

* Although given the police’s response I’m guessing they didn’t find any meat…


You've been bogus pranked!


This is almost certainly Nate Holt of Walking the Planes, a skit comedy show based on Magic the Gathering, where Nate portrays a malevolent universe-hopping necromancer.

Here’s a picture of him in costume, at the game table:


Well I suppose a hooded guy leaving raw meat at a playground could be considered a prank, but someone putting pictures online that purport to show that happening when it actually didn’t would be a bogus prank…


Is he actually placing meat at the scene, or are bits just dropping off him?


Welcome to Night Vale cosplay?

Remember: Do not approach the dog park.


What!? Don’t hate, a witch has got to feed her familiars. Religious Liberty!!!


Well, now that you’ve put quotes around it, it is negated once again!


Yep. I live in an uber-nerdish Boston suburb so my first assumption was LARPer, duh.


Or maybe it’s someone doing their daily prayers and the meat angle is B.S.


See?! THIS is why you should raise your kids vegetarian.


Nathan Holt just confirmed it isn’t him, and is a bit creeped out with this affair.


Dear God, I just hope this isn’t a viral marketing stunt for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village Part II.


It’s the meat fairy!


Indeed, this would have been much less creepy if he had left raw carrots.


“If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?!”


Poisoning dogs? Something nasty like that?