Official BBC troupe dances to Lalo Schifrin disco cover of Jaws theme


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The horror of Pans People interpretive dancing on Top of the Pops.

I raise you: Legs & Co dancing the Sex Pistols


For context:

Former BBC music show Top of the Pops featured performances of that week’s chart music. Usually the band would appear and lip sync to their own recording. In the days before music videos, a resident dance troupe would interpret the songs in their own inimitable style as seen in the linked videos. These performances were put together at incredibly short notice and often lacked subtlety with interpretations based on literal readings of the lyrics.

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Oh god, they even “did” David Bowie

And The Beatles (with paperbacks)

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The dancer with the long brown hair in Paperback Writer is Sarah Brightman, the original actress of Christine in Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera


Unbelievably it got worse…

“Silly Thing”, a great performance with the vision turned off :slight_smile:

Fantastic chorus.

Jimmy “Evil Perv” Savile and Dave Lee “The Hairy Cornflake” Travis are the cherry on the shit pie with “Space Oddity”.

They got NUTHIN’ on The Solid Gold Dancers.

If you try to become Henry Mancini but fail, you may comfort yourself with the fact that you at least became Lalo Schifrin.

(Walks away whistling the “Mission Impossible” version of “Norwegian Wood.”)

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He was found not guilty wasn’t he?

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DLT was found not guilty of 5 charges of of sexual and indecent assault, and there is going to be a retrial for the two remaining charges. Groping is arguably different to these charges of sexual and indecent assault.

Yet I could watch them dance to T-Rex’s Jeepster all night long


So not confirmed as a “groper” at all then. And anyone saying he is potentially leaves themselves open to legal action.

What tw1515tw said :smile:

The whole case does seem a bit like applying current mores to behaviour from 40 years ago. At the time it was virtually expected that a bloke would have wandering hands. Fortunately, we are generally a bit more enlightened now.

You are right and I felt bad about it so I’ve edited my original post to remove the calumny. However, things almost got worse when I struggled with “Cornflake” (just did so again) and found I’d typed “Cockflake”.

Its been a long few days. I need to lie down.

Pans People and Legs & Co were all before my time but I do remember The Orb’s non-performances.

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