Sometimes I just need to watch Fred Berry dance


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He has the moves, hmmm.


I like Rerun a lot, and I probably always well, but after the way he betrayed the Doobie Brothers, I feel like I’ve seen a darker side of him.


I always liked to think that the bouncing sound in the intro theme was meant to represent Rerun’s gait.

Of course, Dee and Shirley truly made the show.



Years ago there was a short-lived comedy show that poked fun of 70s sitcoms. In one bit the characters parodying What’s Happening were in front of a judge. The Rerun clone started dancing and then the judge (played by an older Fred Barry) joined him in bustin’ some moves.


The Rerun Show (2002). (Thank you


went to a wedding once where he was a guest of the groom. i can confirm that he can bust a move.


Before he was on “What’s Happening” he made an appearance in the dance line on “Soul Train”. Check out the 1:08 mark of this clip;


Before the sitcom, Rerun honed his dancing skills with one of the greatest dance troupes of all time, The Lockers.

Please to enjoy:

Fred Berry is the dude in the pink pants, sitting next to Toni Basil.


Well, that hits be hard in the nostalgia. This was one of the shows I watched back in the 70s.


Dee was the best.


Hey hey hey


Great dancing but the costumes are throwing me off. Are those black minstrel outfits?


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