Soul Train Line compilation ('60s - '80s)


man, this is so frickin good. i love how the fashions are all so different and creative… it’s not something you see any more, and it’s something i just didn’t pick up on when ST was on. the other thing i love about this is all the different body types busting their best moves for the camera, with no care about anything except the joy of their moment on The Line.


I loved me some Don Cornelius and that funky,funky dance line.

haven’t had time to watch this all the way through yet, but my roommate and I have been noticing Rosie Perez was a regular in the mid-eighties when we catch the re-runs on tv. she was baaaad.

and speaking of re-runs, Re-Run of What’s Happenin’ fame was one of the west coast dance crew members that invented poppin’ and lockin’, which they disseminated to the world via being regulars on Soul Train, too. so keep an eye out.

I like the Daft Punk video for “Lose Yourself in Dance”:

re-watching after having not seen for many years, my thought was similar

“jesus, these folks crowd-sourced dance moves decades before crowd-sourcing became a thing.”

apparently he shows up at least at about a minute in. i thought i was seeing things, but the comments on youtube bear it out.

more thoughts:

  1. the pop ‘n’ lock couple at an hour in is amazing, and

  2. i wonder what the story is about the white hippie dude? you can catch glimpses of him in the outside rows throughout the video, but you don’t get to see him dancing down the line until about 1hr 14 mins.

I hated Soul Train…

Whenever it came on, it meant that Saturday cartoons were over.

Re-Run is at one minute in…

In Atlanta, Soul Train and American Bandstand used to come on back-to-back. I always liked Soul Train better, Dick Clark just seemed stale and boring.

And I LOVED it when the cartoons ended, because it meant Soul Train was on!

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