Official report denounces London police force as full of "sex pests and racists" getting away with misconduct

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So are they actually going to fire the officers? In America, they’d just ride the desk for a month, then get a challenge coin and go right back to killing Black kids. If the Brits actually fire dirty cops, that’s fairly fantastic.


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"The British police are the best in the world.
I don’t believe one of those stories I’ve heard …"

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I mean, the Commissioner himself said:

What more could you ask of them? It can’t continue! ‘Nuff said.



I was just reading about the Peelian principles of policing, and although British police may not be living up to those principles (and increasingly so), US policing is fucked from the ground up. There’s never been any pretense of being centered around human rights or policing by consent, etc. So it’s not just a matter of personal interactions with cops but how the whole system functions. For example, when certain practices were demonstrated to create false confessions, British policing ended those practices. US police? Nope. At best some cops in some departments have stopped the practices, but they continue across the country. To some degree it’s the lack of centralization or consistency with police, their training and oversight, but it’s also because they just don’t give a shit. Pretty clearly, as institutions, they care more about being able to charge someone, rather than catching the person who committed the crime.

You could fix British police by returning them to Peelian principles, but you have to completely toss out and restart US policing because the core culture is so full of toxic practices and mentalities.


I am shocked that a police force nick-named The Filth are, well filthy

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British police are empowered citizens, drawn from the spectrum of society, at least in theory. In practice, society is still rather racist, misogynist and phobic and the police reflect that and amplify it. But society has been changing, getting quickly more progressive, and now the police must be made to follow.


The Met(ropolitan Police) have a deserved reputation for being terrible.
Cops in the rest of the UK usually manage maybe 5 out of 10 on Rob’s professionalism scale, and outside of London, you’re only likely to get tasered in the face rather than shot.


Someone please tell me the context of that cover photo. It’s… too good.


Why ruin the fun of speculating? :wink:


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