Oh, just an apple snail laying its eggs


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This looks like some William Burroughs’ drug production method.


Pretty good survival strategy. Too bad they didn’t think about camouflage. Stupid snails.




Nightmare conveyor.



Welp, that’s no escargot for me this year…


Thank you Boing Boing, just when I think I’ve become jaded and seen it all, my senses dulled to the horrors on the internet, you come through like a champ. Once again.

Taste the rainbow!


Ooo piece of candy…


We had mystery snails in our last fish tank that did this. The rain of baby snails into the water that result when the clutch hatches is a thing to watch.


To be fair, I was pretty horrified as a kid when I saw a film of a human giving birth. This just looks like someone with a grey tongue spitting out gumballs.


Now I’m imagining a small redheaded crab trying to gobble those things up as quickly as they roll off the assembly line.


Must be all girl snail eggs. I don’t see any blue ones.


So that’s where Dippin’ Dots come from.


Apple snails are a problem invasive species in southeastern (US) lakes and reservoirs all the way west to Texas. They deposit their eggs above the water surface and will not develop if inundated. They also produce a neurotoxin so camouflage is not necessary. Fire ants (another invasive) are their only serious egg predator. It is possible to identify the snails to species by the size, color, and shape of their egg masses.


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