Hey Louisianans, please don't eat the apple snails

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Mmm, Louisiana fugu.


:thinking: Apple snails are readily availible in the frozen section of many grocers near me.

I wonder if the warning is focused on home chefs and those without experience in properly preparing snails as food. The traditional escargot species all need special diets before harvest as I undestand it.

Also yeah dont undercook, or just eat random snails. Rat Lungworm is terrible.

Has anyone tried apple snail? Im curious how they compare to Burgandy. Admitedly they usually just taste like garlic butter in my experience :wink:


I wonder if freezing kills the parasite. Around here, fish sold for raw consumption has to be frozen for a week just for that reason.


Ideally, you should cook a delicious apple snail and zebra mussel gumbo, that you feed only to nutria.


Even regular snails are something you should be very cautious if trying to eat them. They also can carry harmful parasites, it’s generally best to buy canned or frozen snails since those are carefully raised and processed.


:joy: Sounds like a recipe for NoLa foie gras.


I have nothing but respect for the courage of them bayou boys. How hungry do you have to be to be the first person to look at a gator and think “That’s probably tasty.”

(They’re right. Gator is good. Being picky about food never really made me happy)

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Charles Darwin is as posh as they come and he spent a considerable amount of time and effort eating random animals.

Sometimes people just want to eat weird shit for the sake of it.


Does anyone know if you can eat UK garden snails?
My garden seems to produce an infinite supply of them (despite my best attempts at massacring them).

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