Ohio cop shoots newspaper photographer


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Very glad to hear that the photographer will survive.


Why do we give the most stupid and criminal badges and guns? Charge him with a attempted murder, indict him, and fire him.


No offense to the victim, but maybe other citizens would like Jake to lose his job so they don’t also get shot while doing nothing wrong or threatening…



Sigh. I guess we need to update The List.


In defense, police careers ended by cameras is a rising trend vs. guns.



Jesus Christ. Can we get some training up in here?


Holy shit! That’s my little hometown! There’s only like 4-5000 people there!

I historically dislike the cops in that county, in general, but that “newspaper” (which you might remember) is about as right-wing as i’ve ever seen. Not that the guy deserved it. But those Grimms are some low-down people. Case in point: they once notoriously straight-washed some poor guy’s obituary because they didn’t even want to PRINT any gay words.





Police need Malpractice insurance, just like doctors. The FOP and the department can pay 90+% of their premiums. Then when sh*t like this happens, taxpayers don’t have to foot the cost of lawsuits and bad cops get too expensive for communities to keep on the payroll unless they foot their insurance themselves.


Because they are the ones who apply for the job that comes with a gun and socio/legal immunity.


This may be the best suggestion I’ve seen yet :+1:

Let’s get some actual, actuarial analysis on the problem and put the cost where it properly belongs.


Sigh. When I read this, I see a man who’s livelihood as a photographer for a local paper is SO completely dependent on good relations with the local police that he defends them even after he was shot.


I’ve been saying for ages that the money for lawsuits and fines need to come from the offending department’s pension fund rather than the taxpayers’ pockets; this seems like an ideal way to facilitate such a change.


That is not quite the case. Many of these guys are legacies. Their fathers have ins with police departments and then there is the matter of the test. There are “classes” for people with connections get prepped or the answers themselves. Then there is the matter of testing too high. The hiring police department may drop these people because they are too intelligent and that scares some hiring departments. Also, police departments accept people with high school diplomas where the new standard should be hire college graduates only. I can go on and on but be assured, the system is fixed.


What a f’ing idiot, either blind or stupid, or both.



Pretty sure many cities have some insurance for this sort of thing. Of course the best solution is to keep your cops well trained. A million in training is better spent than a million in a lawsuit.

FOP nor the cops will pay for it, as they aren’t who get sued, usually. Though there are some civil suits brought against cops, IIRC, most places have laws where the city is responsible.


Stockholm, Ohio