Ohio man says falling meteorite smashed his car


Ohio man need pics of the feakin’ chunk or it didn’t freakin’ happen. Curiosity just happened on this is a freakin’ meteorite (actually three freakin’ chunks) on freakin’ Mars (from http://curiosityrover.com/):


Probably just a rock that fell out of a parachute.


Okay I’m calling bullshit. Nobody would leave Cincinnati to go to Dayton on purpose. Maybe if he has a sick mom there. Maybe.

Also, what happened to my origami icon? I liked it!

que SuperPowers in 3…2…

Paranoid people, god bless 'em

“Golly-all Jeezus!”

“That’s a meteor!”


If he has the meteorite or a piece of it in his damaged car, car insurance payment of the damage notwithstanding, he’s in for a serious chunk of change. Meteorites that have been documented to have impacted something (other than earth or water) are disproportionately expensive.

Also, does the damage look more terrestrial than one would suspect with a piece of high velocity stone or metal? Almost say like someone bumped a fire hydrant or something similar while executing a three point turn. I’d have suspected more of a localized but massive type damage than “indented bumper” type damage.

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The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

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Guess you’ll just have to let it B.

People still buy Buicks?

Custom icons are all the rage. Look at my brass gears. Just look at them!


They’re comfortable for tall people to drive. Mine has enough headroom that I can sit up straight without hitting the roof and the windshield is placed so I don’t have to slouch down (much) to see traffic lights.

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