RUNOFF: giant meteor vs donald trump

  • Giant Meteor
  • Donald Trump

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Giant Blue Ice Meteor?


Can i smoke the giant meteor in a chicken bone?


Chicken bones make terrible pipes. I’d recommend a beef shin :wink:


What’s this, ehh, Giant Meteor gonna do fer me, huh?


It’ll kill people in foreign lands and erect a pointless and expensive wall while reducing the US’s general credibility and credit rating while also hurting an incalculable amount of American citizens?


Nuthin doin, I’m votin’ fer Bag of Tarantulas instead.



Two choices, but the same end result. SAD!


So far, we’re all in agreement, it looks like.


I don’t know which is worse: the fact that the joke about the giant meteor is recognized and instantly understood all over the country, or the fact that every single detail about this upcoming presidency is horrifying and yet would have been inconceivable within all of our lifetimes (until now, when it appears to be inevitable).

It feels like the contractions are starting for Rosemary, and her neighbors are closing in to assist in the birth of her baby.


Some contrarian (lookin’ in your direction @OtherMichael) just voted for the SFV over the meteor.


Russia has kompromat on the meteor, photographed naked orbiting the sun with other celestial bodies.


The meteor might even do less collateral damage.


I clicked Trump accidentally. Stupid fingers.


Too short?


You can reload the page and change your vote, methinks.


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