Giant Meteor 2016


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It would be funnier if I didn’t actually feel that way some days.


We laugh so we don’t cry.

Also: we cry.

Given how bad our governmental system is (random toddlers would be better), if I weren’t actively working to completely destroy it then I’d probably be borderline suicidal.


I still think there’s hope…


True, there ARE some better options out there. It’d just take a massive write-in campaign to make it work.


Best gif to come out’a the entire mess, so far.


Could you maybe chill with the “they’re all the same” shit and jokes while one of the candidates is endorsed by the Klan and has Neo-Nazis working for him? I mean, I know you’re pretty well insulated from this all, but come on… a tiny fucking bit of empathy for once?


I’ve seen this bumper sticker circulate around Facebook recently. My initial thought is that someone is trying to paint Hillary as equally horrible as Trump. But it’s probably just a (weak) commentary on the general state of politics. While one might not particularly care for Hillary, compared to Trump, she’s a golden angel of sanity.


I think it’s actually a pretty strong commentary.

Yes, -12 is bigger than -73, but they’re both still negative numbers… especially when an average toddler is a 197.




No way Princess Pricklepants has less than a 90% favorable rating.

I believe I’ve found my candidate!


If you look into this a bit more deeply, you’ll find that Meteor’s platform includes some disturbing elements, such as the destruction of virtually all life worldwide (especially women and minorities), leaving only the .001% elites to survive in their underground lairs.

Should pull a good chunk of the #NeverTrumpOrHillary vote, though.


Ahh, but the elites need the help of regular people to survive the aftermath, and once they return to the surface they’ll find a government that was formed by the people who were left on the surface that sucks a lot less. (We’re super-resilient and most of the ‘civilization ending’ fears actually would result in far more functional human subpopulations)

The Constitution burning to a crisp wouldn’t be a bad thing…It’s a super-old idea made buy guys who thought that black people were only fractions of humans and didn’t think women should have the same rights as men. It’s actually kind of crappy.

I’m all for a big ol’ reset button…though I’d prefer it if we didn’t end up destroying so much genetic diversity…and an asteroid is only a moderate improvement over us in that respect. There are better ways, we’ve had plenty of chats about them here…none of them involve respecting the system we have now.


She’s the first candidate to have attended Hogwarts.

She’ll be polite whenever she has to use the red phone.

Her debate performance will be astounding.

Everyone wants to see this.

Her patriotism is the non-horrible kind.

And while her speeches might be 25% sniffing the microphone, the rest will be magnificent.




I support the guy with the bad hair.


My brother has different leanings…


More and more, I’m thinking Princess Pricklepants should have the inside track here.


Robot Nixon!


Did a giant meteor kill off the dinosaurs, or was it…