Ohio redefines natural gas as "green energy" and makes it easier to drill in state parks

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Weather Channel redefines cloudy days as sunny days and makes it easier to go outside. Rainy days become dry.


Why, oh why, Ohio, do you make this native son ashamed to admit where I’m from SO often?!


I assume that the next step is to redefine Pi as Indiana once tried to do.


I was going to make a joke about lawmakers in West Virginia seeing this and frantically drafting up something to label coal as green energy as well, but then remembered “Clean Coal” nonsense has been around for years. Reality has beaten me to the punchline.


The phrase “natural gas” is itself an industry marketing gimmick. Gaseous hydrocarbons are no more or less “natural” than petroleum or coal.


Did you know that houses with gas stoves suffer from more NO2 pollution that can trigger childhood asthma? Many hopes are over the save levels of NO2 when the stove is in use.

I didn’t until the other day.

We really should be rethinking how we use it and where and why.


DeWine is scary. When interviewed, he sounds sane and reasonable. Then he goes out and does shit like the. All. The. Time.


When it comes to wantonly polluting the environment, Captain Planet’s adversaries were less cartoonishly villainous than Republicans.


Here in BC, one of the home heating hydrocarbon suppliers is trying to greenwash things by saying that they are switching to ‘renewable’ natural gas supplies. It is still burning stuff and generating CO2 no matter if you get the stuff from dead dinosaurs or live cow poop.


Not just you; seems like every time OH makes national news these days, it’s always another reminder of why I moved away and never looked back.


Natural gas is “natural” in the sense that it is naturally occurring and not synthesised from anything else. In the UK gas networks were converted from town gas (derived from coal) to natural gas in the 1960s and 1970s, following the discovery of gas reserves in the North Sea.


It’s definitely important to use an effective range hood and vent fan over your gas stove when cooking. Many kitchens have terrible ventilation. But personally I still can’t stand using electric ranges for anything other than boiling water so it’s going to be very difficult for me to make that switch if I ever have to.


And the name is a marketing gimmick in exactly the same sense that advertising an electrical plant powered by “natural coal” would be a marketing gimmick.


Fair point. I imagine there are a lot of older houses with no range hoods at all.

And if you don’t have small children in your house, it may be less of an issue.

I hear that all the time from people who gook that gas is better/easier, but I only really ever cooked on electric so I don’t know any better.

In the UK, there had to be a way to distinguish between town gas and…the other kind of gas, because appliances built for town gas had to be replaced or converted when each area switched over.


My old apartment had a fake-out range hood that wasn’t actually connected to ductwork to vent the fumes outside. It just cycled the air through a crappy filter and blew it back into the room. Hopefully they don’t still make that style.

For whatever reason I’ve found that foreign-made vent hoods that are popular in Asian countries tend to be far superior to the American brands in terms of suction power. There’s a sort of mini vent-hood district in a heavily Asian neighborhood near me that sells all the best imported stuff and the store salesmen do entertaining demonstrations of the fans’ power.


at least part of that is marketing. the gas industry has been paying influencers before there were influencers

the mother jones article talks about current efforts, and links to this

An executive named Deke Houlgate worked for the American Gas Association in the 1930s… He knew some of Bob Hope’s writers and planted the phrase with them.

Another comedian, the great Jack Benny began to use it in the early 40s, we also hear it in a 1942 movie, and in a Daffy Duck cartoon in 1943.

i believe they also pay cooking shows and the like, and have for a long time

ceramic maybe? there are other options now than the cheap old electric ranges of horror


Not going to lie, I’m a little tempted to see what the requirements are for submitting an application. After all, I’m pretty sure the Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden counts as public land.


Yeah, but my issue is that almost all of them (other than induction, which has its own issues) have much longer response times than gas in both how long they take to heat up and to cool down. For certain types of cooking being able to quickly reduce the heat input and control that with a high degree of precision is really critical.

Maybe the best answer for me is one of the dual-fuel options that has an electric oven and a couple electric burners on the range but still retains a couple gas burners for the times that I want it.