Wirecutter's list of "Worst Things for Most People"

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Hey I think I’ve seen most of these advertised at some point on a blog somewhere.


But I don’t own a convection oven?

What kind of daft logic is this? Obviously if you owned this much more expensive and permanently installed appliance you wouldn’t need this countertop one. Here’s a /p, for pretentious.


My toaster oven has a convection setting. I can’t remember how much it cost - I got it about 10 years ago. There are alternatives to the expensive built-ins. And to single-purpose appliances like the air fryer. :wink:


Well, I can cook rice in just a normal every day pot like a normal human being…but it doesn’t stop people from loving and championing rice cookers and other kitchen gadgets that make it much easier and “idiot proof”.

I have never been a fan of air fryers for the reason stated by wirecutter…“you can taste it isn’t really fried”. But having suffered a heart attack and being hammered to give up all sorts of deliciously fried foods…an air fryer will certainly now fill that gap.

So sure, it doesn’t make as good “fried” food as deep frying but it is absolutely healthier. Additionally I can oven fry and use the convection mode, but an air fryer is far more convenient.

And I appreciate if you eased up off my back about it.


But you can cook things faster in an air fryer, and often crispier than a convection oven by sprinkling just a little bit of oil on top of the food before you cook it. I have an oven that does traditional baking, air fryer AND convection, and there is a difference - often speed. Pick the right types of food, and elevate the air-fry foods on a small rack, if you can. I will admit, though, the air-fryer in the oven works far better than the countertop air fryer it replaced.


Dogg, if you even hovered over the link you’d see that it goes to “the best toaster oven.”


Not sure why air fryers got singled out here. The worst offender is clearly the Molekule air purifier:

As senior staff writer Tim Heffernan discovered the hard way, the $800 Molekule turned in “the worst performance on particulates of any air purifier, of any size, of any price, that we have tested in the seven years that we have been producing our air purifier guide.” We have more affordable, more efficient choices for you to consider instead in our guide to air purifiers.


It seems odd to me as well. Of all the kitchen gadgets out there air fryers/multi cookers are generally considered the best thing to have in your kitchen. There are plenty of professional chefs that rave about them.

I also found the comment on tower fans as rather head scratching. Sure perhaps a vertical fan is less efficient than a standard, but its about the shape. Usually having a tower fan is because that’s what fits in your space better.

I’d also add in that while this gets posted bashing on air fryers…BB also has this post championing cold brew machines. Just put some ice in your left over coffee!


I don’t think I’ve known anyone in my life who wasn’t homeless who didn’t own or have access to a convection oven. Aren’t convection settings standard in every oven built in the last 40 years or so?

in a word…NO.


That must be cultural difference between Europe and the US then

(And yes, I am aware I am assuming everyone’s nationality based on probability here)


I almost thought this would be a @boingboingshop post.

(Naturally, several products on this list are also sold through those posts.)


In very small kitchens they could have been ditched out for smaller microwave ovens, which is sad because convection ovens, after coal/wood ones, are the best thing one could cook a pizza in.

Perhaps…I would also point out that the plenty of people rent. Traditionally, landlords usually purchase the cheapest appliances with the least available features. not the other way around.


Most of the people I was talking about, including myself, were/are renters. I really can’t imagine even the cheapest oven not having a convection setting. But as I said, I guess that’s one of those things one never questions about one’s own conception of the world. Like learning that nobody outside Germany uses proper windows in their walls.


Cheapest range with convection is $849. They have a convection setting but aren’t necessarily a true convection oven. The cheapest of those are $1200. OFC this is only at Home Depot, but it is a perfectly fine gauge as the majority of appliances are purchased at places like HD, Lowe’s, Best Buy, etc at least here in the states.


Yeah my convection toaster oven has an “air fryer” mode. It does something different but it’s not frying… and I don’t imagine a stand alone air fryer is going to be much better. Shocker. Now I’ve seen some steam ovens showing up… I’m curious but not enough to purchase one.


looks at window My window isn’t proper?


My understanding is that “air fryer” is one of the greatest marketing tricks of all times to sell what is a fancy shaped toaster oven.

Cold brew and cold coffee are not the same thing. I do both of these, and occasionally a k-cup, shh don’t tell or they’ll take away my coffee snob card.

I brew a thermal carafe of pour over hot coffee every day, and we save the left over in the fridge to drink over ice later. The left over is It’s fine for what it is.

I also cold brew a batch of concentrate sometimes, also for drinking over ice. The two beverages are not the same. When drinking, you can tell which one started off hot vs which one started off cold.

Of course, if you’re my daughter and use sugar, chocolate syrup, and half a glass of ice, it’s harder to notice. Which is also why we save the left over instead of brewing a cold brew batch all the time. :slight_smile:

PS: You don’t need a machine for cold brew. Some make it easier, but any container will do. Some just make it look fancy with no real help too.