Ohm Sweet Ohm cross-stitch kit by Adafruit


Can’t let this go by without posting the song of the same name

One of my most favorite Kraftwerk songs, for real. Such goodness from 1975.

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The colors are all wrong. Is brown thread so hard to find?

Looks brown enough to me…?

Printable instructions are available for free, you can buy your own parts. The brown looks legit IRL, bad photo, scan or color on your monitor, perhaps?

You’re right. It’s very dark and at work it looked black. Not that I would read BoingBoing at work.

The colors are often pretty illegible on actual resistors too. I don’t even bother trying to read the stripes; either it came from a labeled bag/drawer/roll full of the same kind or I measure it on the fly. When is anyone ever dicking around with resistors without having an ohmmeter around, anyway?

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