OK Go explains the incredible math behind their "The One Moment" music video


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Not to knock the sheer effort or the result - it is a very enjoyable video - but where exactly is the “incredible math”?


Spreadsheets contain math. And I find it incredible that anyone can get anything done in a spreadsheet before it crashes…


Rule of thumb: any math that can be done in a spreadsheed is a long way away from being incredible.


Well they had to like… count to four and stuff. Even some eighth notes. Those are numbers, you know!

I put them into a spreadsheet. It looks like this:




That was incredibly enjoyable. But, I would have changed incredible math to incredible attention to detail in the title. Either way, it was great, both the original video and the explainer.


Seems like the explainer could have been shortened to: adjust times by multiplying by camera overcrank factor. As was said the genius is in the attention to detail required to get all these projectiles (and projectile like robocamera) reliably timed. Literally rocket science.


I think the headline is reasonable. The amount of precision timing that went into this is pretty crazy. Somehow I’ve never seen the video until today, and I was so busy being gobsmacked by the number of events in it that I didn’t even notice they were timed exactly to the beat.


OK, incredible arithmetic. Really really impressive video.


If you like this video, check out Ok Go’s other videos! Several feature giant Goldberg Machines, several are groundbreaking, all are clever & entertaining. This band never fails to delight me. True pleasure


Seems like a great way to show my fifth grader an example of how all those math problems he does at school can actually be used.


I hope for the next video they show how they balance their check books.


I’ll just leave this here.




Pay attention to the crew members at the beginning:


AaaHA! See, this is why I love em.


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