Girl plays the Star Wars Cantina theme using math and well-timed pencil strokes


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Note to others: You must turn your shit up pretty loud to understand this at all. Well done but a more sensitive mic would be a wonderful addition.


Hilarious! Yep, too much time on her hands!


Dang kids these days.


Is… is she single? How many Boba Fetts do you think her dad will require for a dowry?


My system apparently doesn’t go loud enough. :frowning:


Here you go:


I think I could come up with a script to generate the pencil stroking required for 4’33’’, but how long before somebody writes a general purpose one?


that song has never been anything but “pencil-stroking”


Oh man I LOVE IT :heart_eyes:


Or you could treat it as ASMR/Geek mashup…


Could this be the start of something?

This was a thing a few years ago.


p.s. super jelly


Someone over reddit “solved” the formula and found something very interesting!


Now this truly IS a wonderful thing. Thank you.

(Doubly so, given the reddit thing posted above.)


Nice but would have been epic if this were done to “Too Much Time on My Hands”.


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