'Pirates of Caribbean' theme song on a calculator


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That requires an actual - and highly specific - keyboard playing skill that sadly wouldn’t transfer well to an intentional instrument.

“So, do you play an instruments?”
“Well, uh…”


These calculators are “intentional instruments”.


Maybe not your instruments grandpa:



Man, listening to that, I can practically smell the Gauloises.


For the life of me, I couldn’t remember what the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song sounded like; for me it’s not as iconic as say, the Indiana Jones music, or the Back to the Future riff that plays throughout all three movies.

That said; here’s a song I like from the franchise, simply because I don’t know when I’ll have another chance to post it:


I’ve always thought that the Pirates of the Caribbean theme sounded remarkably like the Gladiator theme.


By pressing down this special key, it plays a little melody…

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