Despacito performed on two musical calculators

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Needs more washing machine.


I find this word amusing. I find it more amusing to imagine a 17th-century composer writing it into the musical direction of his piece in Italian or German.
As in, “Right here, this part needs to be bleepty.”


Not as good as the Maduro version.

He is the operator on his pocket caclulators!


Even if it is not available, we have forever its unboxing video to enjoy

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That’s very clever, but… musical calculators? I…

Turn your next math class into a dance party!

If you really want the calculator, you can find it on

Sounds right up PDQ Bach’s brand of prescient composing.

It’s like somebody made a Game Boy version…

@beschizza, you could try to find an old Casio ML-81. It was the dreamiest musical calc from the early 80s

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