Oklahoma death row inmates pursue execution by firing squad

And another thread on execution goes down the “what’s the best way to kill people?” hole.

Just stop doing it,

"Grant convulsed and vomited as he was executed Oct. 28. Weeks later, on Dec. 9, Stouffer was executed seemingly without incident. "

(State sponsored) bedtime stories!

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That’s part of the sales pitch for the guillotine, not merely an “interesting fact”.

I was able to find a law review article on botched executions…

Smith, Stephen Eliot — ““Going through all these things twice” : a brief history of botched executions” [2012] OtaLawRw 7; (2012) 12 Otago LR 777 which lists several incidents with the guillotine. More suspiciiously,

After 1939, reports of botched executions in France became virtually non-existent due to strict laws that comprehensively prohibited all reports on executions apart from the repetition of brief government statements that an execution had occurred; even relatives of the victim were prohibited from attending most executions.229 As a consequence, “[n]o one could oppose capital punishment in France as a consequence of learning concrete details about the guillotine in action because this information was largely kept secret.”230 But France nevertheless went on to abolish the death penalty in 1981, despite overwhelming majority support among the populace for retention.231 The fact that this was accomplished with the spectre of botched executions playing virtually no role in the process was a testament to the deep abolitionist leanings of the French ruling élite.

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I respectfully disagree.

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