South Carolina re-instates death by firing squad, schedules first execution

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Execution is pretty messed up, but given the choice between firing squad, the electric chair or (somewhat) lethal injection, I think I’d ask to be shot.

I worry about the ones doing the shooting though. The same could be said for all three methods, but shooting seems to be more intimate. How long until we have a shooting robot? Or a fixed gun, with a laser guide, so the victim can be correctly aligned? What a hideous train of thought. Maybe we should just stop killing people?


If people think killing someone for a “big” crime is OK then it’s always going to lead to killing people for smaller and smaller crimes.


We gallop headlong into idiocracy and barbarism. Trump has infantilized a great portion of our country.


No, he didn’t, he just egged them on.




certain qualifications


I don’t know how people who are so vocally against anything related to the government, yet love the police and are fine with the government executing prisoners… :person_shrugging:


They like the government when they kill the “right” people… they don’t like it when those same people get the same benefits and protections that they believe they are the only ones entittled to. Hence the “take our country back” BS language. They want to take it back from POC, feminazis, socialists, etc.


They have a dad on their writing staff I see.

“… away from the current electric chair, which cannot be moved.”


Exactly, the anti-intellectual segment of the population has been present in the US for a long time.


The same kind that volunteers to insert an I.V. needle and/or flip a switch to kill someone? Shooting someone in the heart is no more or less barbaric than the more “sanitized” versions of government murder. If anything this way is more honest about what’s being done.


So reading the story about how the guy ended up in his predicament, he tried robbing a store, he had no gun, the store owner pulled a gun and then the bad guy had the good guy’s gun. Good guy pulls another gun and the bad guy walks away (well didn’t really walk away, he’s about to be executed) leaving the good guy with a gun dead.

Seems without guns…

And while the bad guy did kill someone I’m not sure it rises to execution level offense.

And who would volunteer? Taking a life even if the person deserves it (this guy does not) is nothing to be taken lightly, can’t imagine anyone volunteering and then not being affected for the rest of their life.

A long long time ago we lived in a not so nice neighborhood, the wife and I talked about getting a gun, we went so far as to visit a gun shop where the clerk explained to us if we were not ready to end someone’s life we should not own a gun. We left the store and never thought about it again.


firing squad.
f i r i n g s q u a d.


Good guy gun clerk?

(I guess you can turn that around and say he only wants to sell guns to people who are ready to kill people, which is bad. But it seems good to make people aware of the reality of what they are considering, and reduce the total number of guns sold as well.)


The volunteer bit is apparently tradition. With some claimed reasons behind it. Like the same people not having to do it over and over, or being less harsh on the shooters.

But probably the important bit. With the couple of states that have had firing squad executions all along. Often times those executions haven’t happened or have been extremely delayed.

Cause no one will volunteer to do the shooting.

It was almost 40 years ago so maybe at one time responsible gun ownership might have been an actual thing.


announced that it would now offering execution by firing squad

I never got the announcement…


I’m not in favor of executions but I think nitrogen hypoxia is the way to go if you must. Three states have approved it so far, no one has used it yet.

It seems from things I’ve read that one of the reasons it hasn’t been more broadly adopted is that it isn’t gruesome or painful enough to feel like “justice” to many people. Apparently the suffering is important.


Parents of trans kids are being suspected of child abuse, laws are being passed to not let teachers talk about LGBTQ issues at all, women are getting arrested for having an abortion, WWIII and a nuclear holocaust seem possible, and the state is executing people by firing squad. What fucking year is this again? I know sometimes society takes a step or two back before moving forward again, but this is getting ridiculous. What’s next? Drowning women to see if they’re witches?