Oklahoma governor must move daughter’s mobile home from mansion grounds

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And she is related to the governor. Imagine how hard ‘the taxpayers’ are on those who live in cars stealing parking spaces or the classist assaults on those who have to find a place to park or rent for their 5th wheel or manufactured home.
The easiest way for a young capitalist to get a free manufactured home is to rent a space then take the house when the family misses a month or two.


I find it kind of reassuring that the governor’s family is experiencing what everyone else is also going through with regards to hitting a rough patch or needing something temporary. I hope it inspired the governor to take actions for everyone in that situation.


Presumably she brings the governor his scarves and his water.

Put “mobile home” in quotes. RVs like that cost as much as a nice house in Oklahoma.


That is one damn fine Trailer – and she uses a Smart Car!

A First Family Oklahoma should be proud of!


Squatting in a mobile home at the governor’s mansion? Keep it classy, Oklahoma.

Are you telling me that In Oklahoma it’s illegal for a relative live on your property in a trailer? Either that’s not true, or something like 46% of the state is violating the law, I’d guess.


Just because it is a code violation, doesn’t mean they enforce it everywhere.

I shouldn’t be all high and mighty as I am from Kansas, but I went to a paintball big game in the boonies in Oklahoma, and going through a few of the tiny towns you literally could not tell where the shit in the yard ended and the shit that was the house began.


…I’m sorry, but have you met Oklahoma?


Is the OK governor too poor to help his daughter out by renting her a space in a trailer park? Or, golly, renting a small one-bedroom/studio? It’s Oklahoma, for fuck’s sake, how expensive could it be?

The whole damned headline on this story…wow, Oklahoma. Just wow.

I’d love to see that Smart Car try to tow that sucker.


I think it’s just Oklahoma City where it’s illegal to live in a trailer like that.

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Wait, there’s a city in Oklahoma?


For the record, the governor of Oklahoma is a woman: Mary Fallin

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I lived in Arkansas for a year while the Governor’s Mansion was being restored. Mike Huckabee didn’t rent some other house in the neighborhood (of which there were many nice ones) but instead had a triple-wide installed on the back lawn. Lots of jet skis and such, too. It was awesomely redneck.


Probably a plot by the Governor to have an excuse to build a newer, larger mansion… The trailer is bait – everybody knows that tornadoes are attracted to trailer homes.


This time, I’m not sticking up for you Oklahoma. The title of the post alone is just untouchable.

I am in awe. Squatting in a trailer, albeit a really nice trailer, right on the grounds of the governor’s mansion. Why not just live with your mother? I get the independence thing and all, good, but hell, if my mother was president, I might have no problem living in the white house with her. It’s kind of expected that family lives with you in these type of accommodations. I don’t think it makes you a nepotist, she is the governor, and you are family.

Maybe because it’s such a red state, that’s why she isn’t doing that- her mother is using her not living with him as political principal cred?

edit:fuck. Forgot governor is a woman- it’s ok, laugh away :blush:

Thank you, Snarky Non-Oklahomans for overlooking OKC, a metro area of about a million people. It keeps our property values low and our quality of life high. Having toured the Governor’s mansion several times, I can report that there are plenty of bedrooms for the adult children. This trailer situation speaks volumes about Miss Christina’s relationship with her mom.

P.S. Our Governess is a lady. Or at least a woman.

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Yikes. Yeah. I missed that- entirely my bad. Governor is a woman.

In my defense, I started by saying I wouldn’t defend Oklahoma this time. I’m not entirely ignorant- I did live there very recently for 2 years. I have seen most of it- but never got to OKC. I didn’t intend to sound snarky. Forgiven though as I did not implicitly state this.