Oklahoma Republicans are tearing themselves apart as they confront the economic wreckage of their policies

I wonder what the average republican voter has to say now with their state in shambles…Still like those policys? Home schooling is going to be the only way kids will get an education and when you think about the skills of some of those folks teaching their kids…wow! Poor kids! What’s wrong with people who vote for their own destruction? Does the republican line of bullshit sound so good it fools people into believing it? Is critical thinking totally dead? (yeah i fear i know the truth)


Oklahoma - a truly failed state. Time for some aggressive nation building.


Maybe MOGA


It’s like an experiment to see what end game capitalistic collapse looks like in the real world. I feel sorry for all of the people still living in the state. I’d like to think these would be taken as cautionary examples when designing national policy, but Trump and Congress basically just did the same thing for the federal budget.


At this point I can’t even imagine any reason the inhabitants of the state wouldn’t want to let it revert to Indian Territory. It’s not like the Five Tribes could do any worse than the people running the place now.



Liked because it’s so meta

  1. They vote the party line.
  2. The party runs scare ads about what will happen if you don’t vote the party line.
  3. They hate the opposing party, so if they can’t support the party line, they just won’t vote.

This is systematic to both parties and affiliated voters.


No - they seriously don’t understand that the ‘free market’ they keep pushing is depicted in the novel by the ‘back room dealing heads of the industries’. They think every CEO is John Galt - when John was bought out by some company to bury his ideas.

I mean - the novel goes out of it’s way to show how big business and government shouldn’t be intermixed - and I think it has a great point - but for some reason the ‘glory of rising up by your own worth’ overshadows all the good ideas in that novel. It’s very easy to understand when you remember that Ann fled communism and seemed to write that novel as a warning of the same things that made it bad, happening here in the states - nope we get the jugheads that don’t understand that most of the rich today are all the ‘do-nothings’ that just live off the wealth of others work, and a devotion to the ‘free market’ that beggars belief.


I lived on (as my wife just reminded me) North council road in Bethany, Ok ( part of metro OKC ight near lake overholser aka lake hold her closer) in the mid 90’s and the GOP rot was already starting to take hold then.
I looked at my former neighborhood a few years ago on Google maps street view and it’s almost post apocalyptic looking.


A picture of ALL of America if Trump isn’t stopped.


Except noncitizens can’t vote

Make Oklahoma OK Again.


Democratic Party has given up! Of the races that are opposed, meaning many have no challengers after the primary, their opponents are commonly just people without political expertise and without any party support are just unknown names on the ballot.

Those GOP funders hold the GOP politicians accountable, so is it any wonder why politicians are serving them?

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I’ll bet Jones is a trump supporter and is all in on doing an Oklahoma job on the rest of the nation. Except now there are blue states with surplus budgets to be ransacked.

Part of me wants to say that they deserve what they get, but DAMN!! when will we (and I do mean all of “we”) start to think for ourselves? Rhetorical question, that would require effort and we are not willing to work for much of anything. Guess we are doomed. Sob

Oh, they’ll keep voting republican. They’re too ignorant to know anything else. You can’t show them facts, you can’t explain anything to them, you can’t make them smarter. They’re the bedrock of trump’s Amerika.


Soros did it

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I know you’re being sarcastic with this image, but Sherwin Williams is still running with their version… images