How about we fix America by just turning Oklahoma into a giant lake?


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Map of American people's attempts to guess where North Korea is

Yes, by all means put all that farm and ranch land under water, 'cause who needs food anyway?

Who ties your shoelaces for you?


As opposed to converting a sea into a state and a lake, as was done by the Dutch: Flevoland


Where do you think fish comes from? :grin:

“Ooook-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ o’er the waves…”


As a Texan, I say go for it!


As someone who has spent some miserable time in Texas, could we arrange to flood Texas too? Can’t have too big a lake IMHO. Doesn’t have to be too deep to do the job and the Guadalupe mountains would make a pretty archipelago - kind of like the Galapagos (and the spelling isn’t that far off).


Does this mean the NBA’s Oklahoma Thunder will have to change their name to . . The Lakers?

Hell, there ain’t no lake in L.A. anyway, they can be The Thunder.

[edit: well, there is Silver Lake, but that hardly counts for much, and those hipsters don’t care about sports anyway]


You’d think they’d pick a really bad state to drown, instead of one that’s OK.


Wouldn’t it be easier to just sell back Texas to Mexico and lease back the oil wells.


Americans could stand to eat fewer grains and more fish, so it’s perfect! The loss of the marijuana crops might be a bit of a blow, though…


First we ship all the Native Americans to Oklahoma, now we’re going to sink them? Seems like we’ve done enough already. (I realize this is a very modest proposal, but still…)


I’m not as opposed to this idea as you might think. There’s a whole lot of people in Texas, though, so we’d have to go somewhere. How’s the weather where you are?


I believe Kansas is currently already underwater.


If we want to create jobs we should build two of those S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers and then have them fight each other.


I am glad to see this is a joke, because there are a great many Indians in Oklahoma, who may value what little land they have left.


"Something that, as a country, we can shed partisan differences and rally behind. Something like building the railroads,…"
I hate to tell you this, but because the Federal government commissioned and sponsored the building of the transcontinental railroad, many conservatives now say that it was a big mistake and they are philosophically opposed to it.


Why stop at Oklahoma? Drown Kansas.


How about we build Trump’s wall, and extend it all the way to the Eastern Divide, making sure it’s watertight:

That should solve the problem.


When a mommy fish and a daddy fish love each other very much… do I really have to explain this to you? Good lord.


Texas does a great job flooding without any assistance. Not deep, but often.

And the spelling isn’t that precise either.