How about we fix America by just turning Oklahoma into a giant lake?


It’s a fine idea, but let’s do one thing at a time - Thomas Disch wrote “Pyramids for Minessota” back in 1974 and they’re still not done.


Especially the parts with casinos.


You know, they grow fruits and vegetables there too.


I knew that. I just wanted to see if you did.


Water the odds that’ll ever happen?


So many meth labs under water!


Um, not cool guys.


If we’re going to do this thing, do it right. ID, WY, WV, OK, and AL are all states that aren’t capable of producing educated, rational, responsible human beings. Rather than flooding/decimating/etc. them, we should declare each state a Federal Educational Disaster Area, and work on funding their schools, create programs to send youth to out of state/international colleges, mandatory racial sensitivity training, training in identifying con artists, and optional repatriation to Somalia or Honduras for those who prefer libertarian-style freedom.


I think they can get their Galt on in Libya these days as well?


This is an elegant proposal. It reminds me of my plan to restore Lake Bonneville by using nukes to level a 100 mile wide path running thru northern California from Crescent City California to Vya Nevada. My plan would result in increased moisture across much of Nevada and Utah and the restoration of a vast inland lake in place of the Great Salt Lake and it’s surrounding desert.

Either of these proposals also offer a simple solution to our current global warming issue. A single printed copy of the Environmental Impact Statement would sequester enough carbon to restore CO2 levels to prehistoric lows.

I say we go for it.


yeah, why not do this to Missouri instead?


Only if we do it while Inhofe is sleeping.


Not for long:

The US midwest is looking at a shift from steady agricultural rainfall patterns to a new normal of alternating droughts and floods. About half of the world’s grain supply is going to be trashed.


As a Husker, I support this.


Great, where are they going to move all the Native Americans again? Can my tribe get some land up by the Great Lakes where they are from?


A better map would have a fractal coastline. Lots and lots of shore front properties. First choice to Native American tribes.

Archipelagos would be nice, too. You could give crazy separatist groups their own islands.

And no boats.


This is not actually an original idea. It was first proposed in a science fiction story in 1963:


I sincerely nominate you for the inaugural “Dorothy Parker Award for Wit at BBS” – I would say Oscar Wilde, but screw him, Parker is funnier.


Meh. Nothing the Kansas can’t handle.


White man wants to eliminate Indian Territory. Film at 11.