Nuanced profile of the Oklahoma County where no one believes in climate change


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“God provided a way for that to replenish itself.”



Interesting article. Forgive the question, and maybe I’ve been watching too much Dinosaur Train with the kids, but is that not a stegosaurus, rather than a triceratops?


To be fair, that’s the least incorrect thing here!

At the link, it’s just referred to as a dinosaur, so don’t blame Sutter.

Correction: he does in fact refer to it as a stegosaurus.


Well, that’s kind of true. Fossil fuels do replenish themselves, they just do so many orders of magnitude more slowly than we’ve been using them up.

Dodo birds used to have ways to replenish themselves too.


We sure do breed some kind of willful ignorance in this country. sigh


Nope, still dumbshits.


It never ceases to amaze me. These are people that in other contexts are stewards of the land, and they know it. They know how fragile the tilth of their soil is, and the balance that has to come from management and wildness. And especially the evangelicals should get it.

The story has got to change.

and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth

This means we can change the earth, and the sky wizard ain’t gonna help us if we screw up.


Note to self: Stay away from Woodward County, OK.


Easy for you, but how can we keep the inhabitants inside Woodward County, OK?


Where do you live, @davide405?


It’s rare to find a large number of people in one place who truly know who butters their bread.


It’s a compassionate article and ends in a hopeful place, and as a person with a lot of right-wing relatives, I can certainly sympathize.


A wall will be built and they’ll pay for it!


I live in OKC.

I’m also just about the most Liberal person I know, so I can’t offer any insights to the article.


Careful, you almost seemed respectful. Good save with the sky-wizard.


Really all I want to do is post gifs of Gob from Arrested Development screaming “comeon!!”


It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. - Upton Sinclair


There seem to be a few levels to the denial thing, ranging from ‘There is no climate change’ to the more nuanced ‘Anthropogenic climate change is a tiny contributing factor to climate change cycles and is of negligible consequence’.

I’m almost at the point where, if the person believes climate change is real, and is accelerating for whatever reason, then I’m good.

But so often that acceptance is tempered with the denial that burning fossil fuels (probably I should say carbon release) can have any significant impact so who cares if we accelerate it in some negligible way?

I’m not sure which is more scary, the outright denial or the defeated catastrophism that seems to be the only thing ex-deniers will allow to occupy the gaping memetic space left over after their conversion from flat-out denial.

The predisposition appears to be "We shouldn’t do anything’ and whatever argument best fits the individuals level of familiarity with logic fleshes out that immaculate conception.


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