Relax, Sarah Palin just solved California's drought crisis


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Did you ever want to play questions?

The only time the “aw gee shucks” conversational style works is when the person using it is highly intelligent. Worked for Twain/Clemens, Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg…but all it does is accentuate the ignorance of this idiot.


Lining the coast of california with desalinization plants would not in one hundred years produce enough salt to finally silence a slug that stupid.

It’d get salt on it and start to shrivel up but then look around and tell people she don’t believe in all that hokum about osmosis and such is the magnitude of her ignorance she’d be preserved.


Wait. Sarah Palin just advocated a monumentally expensive government infrastructure program as a viable solution to something? And she wasn’t torn apart by angry randroids?

This is the same one who made it a point of pride that Wasilla’s government does so little that she didn’t have to soil her hands with statist ‘work’? Something doesn’t compute here; and it’s not just the price per acre/foot of desalinating water by any current or prospective near future technology.


Sarah Palin: wants to be POTUS; doesn’t understand “potable”…


Trump / Palin 2016!


If the many worlds theory is true, then there are timelines where Palin became president. I feel profound pity and sympathy for anyone living in one of those timelines, assuming any of them are still alive.


Palin is regurgitating, in unrecognizably digested form, conservative talking points on the drought, which boil down to:

“If we built reservoirs to capture the water coming down out of the mountains instead of wastefully putting it into rivers (to preserve wetlands and fish runs) there would be plenty of water.”

With desalination plants to fill in the cracks.

Translation: Unlimited growth, lush golf courses, and mansions in the desert with green lawns and water features, are more important than wetlands and fish.


I like how she has to throw in the falsehood that everyone is leaving California to support her dumb-ass point.


And of course all of California’s major rivers already have reservoirs (which are well below capacity) so solving the drought by building more water storage makes about as much sense as solving a famine by building more pantries.


Only those where McCain died in office. Or, possibly, on the 2008 campaign trail.


Oh, very well put! I’m going to borrow that simile for the next time I run into one of these “build more reservoirs!” people.


Ooooohhh, well sure, you just go throw facts at a perfectly good talking point.

I’m glad you’ve gone on record as opposing building pantries. Pro-hunger, pro-drought. I bet you think privatizing air is a bad idea too.


I am a little bit tired of conservatives blaming every crisis on liberals and environmentalists. Does it ever occur to them that if we didn’t fuck up the environment in the first place, some of these crisises could have been avoided?

And now that we are in a crisis the only solution is to fuck the environment up even more? Sure let’s dam up every natural waterway. As long as the 2% get to keep thier country clubs and thier lawns green. That’s the only thing that matters anyway. Who cares that Pacific Ocean ecosystem is collapsing as long as Nestle can make a few million dollars more?


I dunno, the public really seemed to respond to that recent State-of-the-Union address in which she advised “Do not, my friends, become addicted to water, or it will take hold of you and you will resent its absence!”


They do that because they get a double bang for the buck. It takes the heat off of them and it discredits the people who propose solutions they dislike.

It isn’t factual, it isn’t fair, but it works. It buys the arseholes a few more years to live the good life and . . . well, their kids will be wealthy enough to live in places that aren’t fucked over.


I’m cool with it, as long as from now on the Palin-brood commit to only drinking cool, refreshing California ocean-water.


If stupid were a resource palin would be a diamond mine.


I’m okay with them desalinating it. They’d just have to hand crank the dynamo to supply their own power to do it.


Wouldn’t she be a stupid mine? With rich, nearly endless veins of moronite and idiocystos?