Goodbye to Oklahoma


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“The Tenth Circuit’s reasoning could well extend to the original territories of each of the Five Tribes, expanding federal jurisdiction over nearly all of eastern Oklahoma,” the solicitor general’s office warned the court. “And it could have significant implications for application of state tax and other civil laws to Indians in the former Indian Territory. The decision … thus threatens to disrupt the distribution of governmental authority in nearly half of Oklahoma.”


Oklahoma Republicans are tearing themselves apart as they confront the economic wreckage of their policies

Nah. Native Americans rarely have something go their way.

But hey, Scalia is gone now, so at least he can’t write an opinion about how the founding fathers intended the suppression of the native populace.


You mean he wouldn’t apply the principle of duresse oblige?


" would render Oklahoma a fractured, second-class state"
Interestingly enough the Republicans were doing that all on their own before this mess




I’m out of town but will read this fully when I get back. Thanks, looks interesting. It is hard to tell on the map, but I think the Potawatomie land is North of the Seminole and west of the Creek.


It looks like Oklahoma has been stretched horizontally.


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