Oklahoma Republicans introduce bill forcing doctors to warn abortion patients about the existence of an imaginary "reversible abortion"


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I’ll be right over here waiting for the Warriors of the Frozen Peach to decry this egregious governmental overreach with the same force that they do the protests against conservative speakers on college campuses.

[sips tea loudly]

Any minute now…


Wouldn’t this law increase abortion rates? Women who are undecided may have the abortion with the thought that they can change their minds later? Producing the opposite effect of what these people want.


WTF is the purpose of this? If you’re anti-abortion, why would you tell women that they could undo it later? If you think abortion kills babies, how do you explain un-killing them?

EDIT: I read the linked article on The Intercept. It applies only to a medical abortion, which takes about 48 hours to complete. There was a study that showed that after taking the medical abortion drugs, a woman had 48 hours to choose to take a different drug to stop (“reverse”) the abortion. Other doctors have found serious flaws with the research methods in that study, but that hasn’t stopped the politicians from jumping on it.


They might force doctors to lie, but they can’t force them to be good at it. I can envision a doctor saying, “Whether it’s true or not, I am required by law to tell you A, B, C…”

Patient: “Hey, C sounds pretty good, how do I get that?”

Doctor: “The legislature hasn’t told me that part.”


What @bookworm1398 and @GiantRobotPilot said. I really don’t get the point of this one. Reverse psychology or something?


I suspect the intention is to prevent doctors from discussing abortion at all, since they don’t want to lie to their patients, and discussing abortion without this blatant lie would make them subject to a felony conviction.

It’s bad faith, literally and figuratively, from end to end.


The good news is that arrogant ignorance is reversible, though in many cases it is so deep-rooted that a complete brain stem removal is required.




That confused me as well. What does this get them?


Oh shit.

Maybe that is the game. They pass the law and run sting operations to get abortion doctors jailed for failing to repeat falsehoods.



Here they come! Ready to decry this law!



You’re gonna need a bigger teacup.


It’s a disinformation campaign, pure and simple. The more disinformation that push into the public discourse on women’s bodily autonomy, the more they muddy the waters, the more successful they can be at pushing through laws that take away women’s rights.


Maybe the theory is that it can happen spontaneously. You thought you’d had an abortion, but then suddenly, you’re pregnant again. Even years later.

“I was so embarrassed,” sobbed Stacy G., 47. “I’d had an abortion, back when I was in college, but no one ever knew. And then this year, at the company picnic, my abortion spontaneously reverted. Suddenly, I was like seven or eight months pregnant. In front of everyone. I was wearing this cute little summer dress, and of course that didn’t survive. I just blew up like a balloon, right in front of the head of Marketing. Now my husband wants to divorce me, because he says the baby isn’t his — and he’s right! I just wish my doctor had told me that it was a possibility. I’d never have gone through with it if I’d known.”


Seems to me that if such a moronic bad faith law is actually put into effect, reputable docos with ethics will tell their patients that the law requires them to inform them of a bullshit ‘fairytale’ that doesn’t actually exist in reality.


“Look, tell you what, we’ll eat your mum, if you feel a bit guilty about it afterwards, we can dig a grave and you can throw up in it.”

(Yes, I know. I’m a monster)


From the outside this doesn’t seem to make any sense at all. But when you consider medical ethics this may make it impossible to discuss abortion without violating your own ethical standards.

That said, the workaround seems super easy:

“Our state legislature requires me to tell you that reversible abortion is a thing. This is a lie, but I will go to jail if I don’t tell you this lie. If you would like to write your representative and tell them to not support forcing doctors to lie to people about medical issues that is entirely your prerogative.”


It’s a sort of N-dimensional chess move being made by people who routinely lose at checkers.


I think the purpose of the law is to squeeze Aunt Lydia into the confidential relationship between doctor & patient, to discredit doctors & the science behind them, to waste precious time in what is usually a 15-20 minute interview (all that insurance co’s will cover), & eventually to drive ethical physicians out of the state. If you can’t find a doctor willing to put up with this bullshit, then you can’t get an abortion. And forcing doctors to mouth the State’s lies is a horrifyingly effective form of propoganda.