American Medical Association off the sidelines in abortion debate

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Nice to see them standing up now that it’s too late.


I guess that this is what happens when the doctors’ Hippocratic oath meets the Republicans’ hypocritic oath.


Still better than not at all.

Silence is complicity.


The fact that there are states with only one abortion provider highlights how successful anti-choice advocates have been at nibbling around the edges of the right to abortion at the state level. They spent the last 20 years making the step to full abortion bans as small as possible, and fuck if it isn’t pretty goddamn close to working.


There was a time that First Amendment jurisprudence held that individuals could not be compelled by law to repeat speach dictatated by the State. I notice that challenges to these laws don’t seem to use that line so there must be a consensus that the current Court would support compelled speech.

There was also a time when doctor-patient conversation was given particular protection in the law. Also apparently a victim.


Prediction: Medical Priest or “Cleric” becomes a separate track of medical licensure in Alabama with its own set of ethics and oaths. The world steps closer to a dystopian medieval fantasy based on arcane made-up rules (you know, the kind they’ve always been so horny for that they had to shut down their perceived competitors with “Satanic Panic” PR…)


It kills me that republicans worry so much about government getting involved in medical decisions, but they’re the ones writing legislation that makes medical decisions.


You can pretty much insert the phrase " - the wrong kind of - " into any Republican complaint:

  • “They’re restricting speech!”
  • “They’re giving my hard-earned tax dollars away to people!”
  • “They’re gonna impose religious law!”
  • “They’re beholden to corporations!”

This is exactly the type of conflict that was crafted intentionally.

Consider the speech from a true medical abortion provider and a “crisis pregnancy center.”

One has a true Hippocratic Oath that puts the interests of the patient first, even if patient elects to not use the services of the provider after objectively exploring all options.

The second masquerades as a “medical clinic” and is not bound by the Hippocratic Oath and is beholden to their dogma and will intentionally lie and mislead their “patients” to achieve their goals, at the expense of patient safety. They would likely ignore the signs of a life threatening Ectopic Pregnancy, or other high risk complications.

While I am against criminalizing speech, this doesn’t mean that I against criminalizing actions/intentions (fraud, theft, deception, preventing access to proper medical care.)


Really amazing dichotomy in the Republinazi platform. They howl for decades about how government is too big, there’s too many regulations, government needs to get out of . Anything that has to do with privatizing and making changes that allow old rich white people to get even richer, they yell there should be less government. But when it comes to making rules about what women can and can’t do with their own bodies, they scream for more government and more regulations and more rules. Are the old rich white guys who run the Republinazi party really that afraid of women making their own decisions?


Missouri is going down to 0 providers, barring some court action. The neighboring states don’t have a wealth of options either.


In short, yes.


So if this law does take effect, would the AMA order / encourage its members to ignore the law and obey their ethical oath? If so, I hope that the defense attorney for the first doctor charged with violating this law demands a jury trial and that the jury be made up of the accused doctor’s peers (fellow doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel.)


To be “fair,” It’s the church telling the government what to tell women what to do with their bodies. It’s not big government if it’s infused with the power of The Holy Spirit™! It’s kinda like how when government regulations favor corporations, that’s actually weaker government, so…great! They don’t always state their internal logic out loud, but it’s there.


Hey, Illinois is a neighboring state, and we’re stepping up!


New state laws forcing doctors to lie to patients are seen as incompatible with their oath.

You mean making money?

More specifically:

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