Why is the American Medical Association finally weighing to oppose anti-abortion bills

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Why did it take them so long?


Being an organization made up of stodgy old men for a very long time may have had something to do with it.


What a time to be alive… as all the forced babies will discover. Welcome to the world, cog! I mean… “kid.”

I’m glad the AMA is speaking out, for all the good it will do to halt the momentum of this particular machine.

The First Amendment used to be interpreted to forbid State-dictated compelled speech. That is apparently not an argument that lawyers think will work any more.

So I’m waiting to see a State prosecute a physician for starting the State-dictated lie with “The State of <insert State name here> requires me to tell you the following lies:” In particular, for some brave physician to declare in advance that she is going to do so to make sure that they send her a ringer.


The AMA finally saw the dollar signs, that’s why.


Here’s how my father the retired doctor put it: Medical personnel are required by the Hippocratic oath and by their professional ethics to impartially provide necessary assisstance to anyone who needs it (this is of course an ideal that is not always achieved in practice). It would be a violation of ethics to advocate for or against a political measure concerning medical practices because that would be outside the realm of medicine. It would be them arguing “here’s how you should regulate me,” a field of propaganda which is normally the realm of hedge fund managers and bankers and other vermin, and they wanted to remain above that. But now, they are having to confront laws that would require them to commit an even slimier violation of professional ethics. The business of knowingly lying to patients is not just disgusting, it is downright evil, and doctors who have any regard for their honesty and their souls must finally speak out against the Satanic travesties which the Republican party and the American Taliban (too often the same thing) mislabel “laws”.


True. But once this starts to conflict with the principle that the physician and his assistants should not cause physical or moral harm to a patient - and this includes, IMO, preventing harm, it’s time to speak out.


It’s financially in the AMA’s favor to oppose anti-abortion laws. Anti-abortion laws that continue to be passed continue to hurt AMA members financially.
Originally it was in the new AMA’s favor to support anti-abortion laws b/c of financial competition with midwives.

Um… because doctors who perform or recommend or in any way aid women in getting abortions can now be charged with murder in some states?

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