Oklahoma woman found guilty of manslaughter after suffering miscarriage

A fetus isn’t even viable until 24 weeks (in most cases) and even then it’s touch and go as their lungs aren’t up to the task of breathing at that point.

FFS talk about government overreach! Oh wait that only counts against dems.


Every miscarriage investigated as a possible murder is a great way to bolster the mental health of women who experience this loss.

I await the suit from a woman refused an abortion against the State and the fetus for involuntary servitude.


The great ol US of A has the highest infant/mother mortality rate of any industrialized nation. Let’s get that shit under control before we start persecuting women
for miscarriages and fetal demises.

That’s not to say that we need to pursue fucking over women more - it’s just to say some have their priorities of “life” all out of whack


The National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) said it is already supporting Poolaw with her appeals, thankfully.


Hardly surprising. This is Oklahoma after all. The only real surprise was that it wasn’t adjudged murder in the first and she didn’t get the death penalty. Oklahoma law says “any method of execution shall be allowed, unless prohibited by the United States Constitution” so clearly they are looking forward to their twisted fun.

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You want Gilead?
This is how you get Gilead.


The jury returned around 6:30 today with the verdict in Brittney Poolaw’s case.
The jury began deliberating around 3:45 p.m.

The jury deliberated for less than three hours before reaching their verdict :cry:

eta more heartbreaking facts -

After seeking medical attention at Comanche County Hospital for the pregnancy loss, which happened early last year when Poolaw was 17 weeks pregnant, she was arrested in March 2020 and incarcerated with her bond set at $20,000. Unable to afford bail, Poolaw has now spent more than 18 months behind bars for her miscarriage.

The group noted that at her one-day trial last week, a medical examiner’s report did not identify Poolaw’s use of controlled substances as the cause of her pregnancy loss. Oklahoma’s manslaughter and murder laws also do not apply to miscarriages, but a prosecutor nonetheless sought Poolaw’s conviction.


Fvcking hell. So she’s already spent more time in prison, for having a miscarriage, than any of the Jan6 seditionists currently on the docket are likely to see.
Welcome to America, folks.


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Wasn’t it Georgia or Alabama that had pushed a law requiring every woman who miscarried to be able to prove it didn’t happen due to “neglect” or through some action she may have taken no matter how innocently?

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Once again, I feel the need to remind people that this shit is not just in the south…

Even in solidly blue states, this will have implications for all women in the US. And eventually for men, too. Because Roe was decided on the right to privacy…


Looks like a DA is aiming for a Higher Office, as well as pandering to his barrel scrapering constituentcy. Kinda surprised this didn’t happen in Texas first, but this merely sets the bar.

What matters the law when there is a precedent to set & groveling to the LCD to be done?