Old Facebook posts made by Activision Blizzard employees showing off the "Cosby Suite" were dug up

One ex-Blizzard source familiar with the people presented in the pictures identified an HR representative as one of the Blizzard employees present in the hotel room.

Another image from the same Facebook album shows a screenshot of a 2013 group chat called the “Blizzcon Cosby Crew.” In it, former Blizzard designer David Kosak writes, “I am gathering the hot chixx for the Coz.”

“Bring em,” replies Afrasiabi. “You can’t marry ALL of them Alex,” Kosak writes. “I can, I’m middle eastern,” responds Afrasiabi. Jesse McCree, currently a lead game designer at Blizzard, then writes, “You misspelled fuck.”


This is horrible. I’ve been following this on Twitter and the fact it that it happened at all is just awful. But the sheer number of people trying to justify this or claim it had a different meaning because Cosby’s prolific career as a sex offender wasn’t general knowledge at the time is just depressing.


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