"Old man" headbanging to Metallica


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It’s like a mirror that reflects the future.

A very near future.


That is one awesome 'ol man! Rock On! GD hilarious.


If that guy is 80 today, it means he was 33 when Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” came out.


Last year at a Deweezil Zappa concert, a significantly older crowd (early Frank Zappa era?) were sitting at the front. A couple of them were sort of shuffle-dancing while still in their seats for brief ‘explosive’ moments. It made me laugh and… joyous! to see it.


I did not authorize that video of me.


I have been known to do that. And yes, I am an old.


Then there’s this other “Old Man”:



I’m only 50, but this will be me in 25 years, but definitely something more like Butthole Surfers’ - O-Men, Devo’s - Secret Agent Man/Pink Pussycat/Smart Patrol-Mr. DNA, hell, maybe even the Specials.


I know, right? I’m only 45 but I can’t see myself giving up my favorite rocking tunes just because I get old and gray. (Yeah, I’m already going gray, too late for that. :rolling_eyes: )

The last few songs I remember cranking up my car radio on were: Steppenwolf, “Born to Be Wild”; the Clash, “Should I Stay or Should I Go”; Godsmack, “Go Away”; Highly Suspect, “Hello My Name Is Human.” So basically anything from Classic Rock, to 80’s pop/rock, to modern pop/rock that strikes my fancy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Definitely a seizure of some sort, possibly caused by prolonged and uninterrupted exposure to sick beats. I recommend a heavy dose of downtempo chill, something with syncopation, to help relieve the pressure on the bowels and restore the patient to his usual state of crotchety senectitude.


Nice to see Senator Bernie Sanders out and about.


Alas, not Enter Sandman

♫ Exit: light ♬


I can understand how people might think this is Bernie on a heavy metal bender, but I understand from sources that these days he prefers a little more Simon with his daily Garfunkel, if you take my meaning, and hasn’t been seen anywhere near a mosh pit since 1978. But who knows, everybody likes to take a walk on the wild side sometimes.


Old folks home, gathered around the table, rolling 20-sided dice.


That works!

I was thinking Joe Biden (based on The Onion’s ‘takes’ on his Everyman ‘coolness’ articles.)


I remember the much missed John Peel playing speedcore (by personal choice) on his BBC Radio One show when he was in his 60s.

I think he started his show with this once (It was definitely something by Zeed/Loftgroover)

John Peel was not enough :cry:


On the Sex Pistols post-mortem detritus collection LP “Some Product Carri On” there’s a clip of them being interviewed on some US radio station and a guy calls in and says “I’m 29 years old and I’ve been waiting for music like this my whole life.”

So there ya go.


“At what age do you stop loving music?!”