Oldschool gamers will dig Shovel Knight


Duck Tales for NES is definitely one of my favorite games. It is nice to see its mechanics back in action. Thanks for the introduction to Shovel Knight, Rob.

It sure seems like the enemy knights had duck bills…

I love the music

Soviet Spetznatz troops were armed with, among other things, combat shovels. They could be thrown

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Shitty graphics? Check. Cheesy music? Check! We suffered through this period because we couldn’t do any better at the time. But I hear mono records are making a comeback too.

Sharpened spades were considered superior trench-fighting weapons in WWI, as well.

As used by the defenders in this clip from All Quiet on the Western Front:

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My next D&D char is so going to be Shovel Knight…


“Lucille, God gave me a gift. I shovel well. I shovel very well.”


On the news tonight, a surprising report reveals something many americans did not know about. According to the Harvard study, taste is subjective, and things that one person likes, others may not. We’ll have the latest on this late-breaking mind-shattering news after the weather.

Also we all know that no true scotsman would dislike retro graphics/etc.

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others have tried to implement this with mixed results:


The graphics are incredibly well done - you seem to be under the illusion that modern aesthetics are objectively better. They’re not.

Everything has its place, and retro graphics and chip music have a home… in my heart!

it’s obvious it’s trying to replicate the NES megaman aesthetic, but going with the absurdly bright primary only backgrounds is rather off putting.

If you looked at the original Ducktales or Megaman levels you can see that designers have taken care to make sure that levels are either light and cool coloured or dark and warm coloured and leave the primary colours for enemies, projectiles and main character.

These are just some of the things I feel game designers fail to capture in trying to reproduce the 8bit aesthetic.

That’s a fair criticism - I suppose it’s because the game is going for the 8bit aesthetic, rather than relying on it as the only medium available - exaggerated because that’s what it’s trying to be - whereas games actually of that period likely tried to get away from it.

But one of my favourite titles of recent years is Hotline Miami - so I’m all over that exaggerated 80’s style.

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