"Olga Dies Dreaming" and "War Against All Puerto Ricans" are the same book

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This will be read as soon as possible. A period in post-war history not addressed well in any widely used history texts. BTW, not the first time USAF bombed Americans, I think. I believe the first bombing was directed at striking coal miners on Blair Mtn. WVA in August 1920, although Wikipedia says the planes under the direction of General Billy Mitchell only engaged in surveillance of the gathered miners and supporters. I heard differently from contemporaries of my grandfather who fought at the mountain, but they could have been wrong I suppose. There is no doubt, however, that the PR uprising scared the hell out of the political establishment and fed the anti-left suppression.

There were bombings, but wikipedia says it was was private planes that did the bombing, so that may well be true that the USAF was only engaged in surveillance.

I’d say it’s really a distinction without a difference, since they had to do the bombing with government support, since they used war munitions. Seems irrelevant whether or not it was officially the USAF or not.

A year later, private planes were used in the Tulsa Race Riot:


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