Oliver Sacks on a motorcycle in 1961


I saw that episode. Steadman was on hiatus from Hope as he worked out his sexual orientation. Then he woke and realized it was just a dream, and Janey needed changing.

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I know little to nothing about Sacks, but The description makes me wonder whether he was in part the template for Buckaroo Banzai.

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I was very proud to have turned my mother and aunt on to Sacks. They both went to readings and got books signed!

I really need to catch up on Sacks’s more recent books. The last one I read was the wonderful Uncle Tungsten.

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My wife loaned me some of his books; they were surprisingly great. I loved his tales of tracking down difficult neurological diseases on tropical islands. I find myself living on a tropical island now, riding an old Beemer moto, but still not quite as cool as Sacks in the 60’s. That cover made me smile though, I had no idea he had a thing for bikes. I’m going to have to track down some more books of his.

Even younger; he’s second from left.

If you read Boing Boing but have not experienced Dr. Sacks’ writing, go find one of his books NOW. Any one, they’re incredible. Meanwhile, finding out that one of my heroes and I have the same bike (I’m assuming he had, I still have) is just amazing to me.


Wow! The thing that’s odd is that I’ve seen so many photos/videos of him older (and heard his soft English lisp), and a few of him quite young (in Uncle Tungsten), but none from middle age, much less in his 20s. I would never in a million years have guessed this was his Oliver Sacks …

On the other hand, it does provide a better understanding of the story he tells about himself getting into drugs in the following New Yorker piece:

Altered States: Self-Experiments in Chemistry

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