Fantastic photos from 1969 Life book, Drugs


Honestly, the one on the right is the scarier of the two.

(The publisher of Time and Life, Will Lang, was actually a supporter of psychedelics, at least at first. This particular book was published a year after his death. Wonder if the paper cutout would have been different had he still been alive.)

He looks like he’s about to give someone a lecture about “getting all hopped up on goofballs” or something.

I think dude could benefit from some drugs, and I think perhaps he’d be more comfortable with a little cannabis and an unclenched sphincter.

Don’t know about the middle aged men, but I love the collages - there really was some great graphic design in the 60s (and some horrible too)

Those are neutrophyls.

I had all of these books when I was younger and still have them now. The science is a little outdated for some, but the early stuff was always fascinating to me as a child and seemed pretty accessible. I’ll admit I started by looking at the pictures, but how could you not, given these examples. I am happy to share them with my son now and we can try to find the parts where modern science has moved past these editions.

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