Coffee table book documents goofy collision of sex and 60s psychadelia


I love Taschen books. I HATE their bindings. Almost every book I have gotten, the binding has cracked and split.

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proving: any potentially liberating cultural trend is eventually subsumed by the same old shit.

People must be rather gullible when they have the choice of body paint and fucking in the streets, but choose to buy into pop-culture images of it instead. I am still scratching my head over that one.

“psychalelia” reminds me phonetically of a hybrid between “psychedelia” and “glossolalia”, which could be extremely entertaining.

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Elizabeth Grace Hale has got you covered…

Also, the link to the page from here seems to be down right now.

For most people, there can be things that they are interested in observing, but not participating in personally. It’s not a difficult concept.

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Anyone else notice the price of the book? Cheeky.

Sure, particularly when such “things” are not so universal. I think this doesn’t apply to the constant commodification of sex, considering how universal sex is regarded to be. So I think it is more a symptom of power structures being used to profit from the cultivation of mass neurosis. Take something everybody needs such as social interactions, food, or reproduction and then put a parasitic “middle man” there to dictate terms to the unwary.

Excuse me, your example was “body paint and fucking in the streets.” Sex is pretty close to being a universal, those two, not so much.

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