SillyCon Valley Sex Parties

Can it get sleezier? Can it get sadder? Yes.

Pseudo-exposes like this don’t really do any damage, or change any culture - that needs lawsuits and punches to the gut (of course, I speak figuratively).

The writer points out this is just like the 70s. Woman were harrassed then, in the wake of the advent of the birth control pill especially, for free and easy sex. I can’t say I’ve never fantasised about being a sex god, but I can say I’m sure that idea hasn’t even crossed my mind since I was 16.

What is up with these people? They claim to be creating a new future; they’re simply re-creating the past. Caligula comes to mind.

“Cuddle Puddle”. Christ on a stick. I don’t even know where to begin.

Came to this article via NYT:

What a load of twats. And to be even-handed, the females should be avoiding this crap too. It’s a one-sided game, like always.

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