Sex workers pioneered the internet, and now the internet has rejected them


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SESTA/FOSTA is a travesty, but I fear it will be very hard to get Congress to overturn it.


after economically sustaining the alt-weekly industry and its excellent local journalism, sex workers found themselves increasingly unwelcome in their ad sections

And where are those alt-weeklies now?


It’s illegal to have sex for money but you can get paid millions and get brain damage playing football. So, what was the argument against sex for money again?



PS. I know all sex workers are not just Women, but just so’s yous knows…


Wait, are you saying the Village Voice died from not enough hookers?


I personally have contributed a substantial amount of funds to . . . uh . . . wait.



And the same thing could happen to the Internet!


Bacchus of Eros blog has written a series about this.


As an actual pioneer of the Internet, who had a BBS in the 80s, did streaming videos first in my province in the 90s and who like many others still does interesting things, this is completely untrue. Sex workers tend to Glom onto whatever will have their ads. It’s not the same thing. The real innovators (as sex workers) undeniably work in porn. I imagine they’re just fine.

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