Silicon Valley's heroes get their chance to Disrupt [s1e7]


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I’ve stopped watching due to the hit and miss comedy and the unpleasantness of most of the characters.

I don’t understand why the author complains about the lack of representation of females in the show when its a show about a place and culture that everyone knows is vastly under-represented by females. It’s been discussed at length and to death. I know that this is fiction and Mike Judge or whoever could throw a bunch of strong, complex female characters in and have them interact with a couple of dudes who just happen know how to act around ladies, but it wouldn’t be believable in the context of the startup world. I wish the author would stop harking on the gender aspect. It makes me think he has nothing else to write about. It took about three of these articles for the author to finally say “well I’d like to say something about the female-role issue but there’s no point since all the episodes are in the can anyway” and he still goes on about it for about 3 more paragraphs. We get it. Everyone gets it. It’s a town founded by computer geeks who tinkered with computers instead of socializing. Computer geeks are bad with women and the sky is blue. And now that they have power and money it’s no different because they still don’t know how to treat a woman as anything besides potential sex. It’s a problem with that culture and that field and the show is slowly addressing it. Give the show a season to breathe, find its stride, and develop itself so they can tackle those other larger issues in the second season, if they want to. You can’t just jam a huge, hotbed of an issue like gender inequality as a small subplot in the first season.


I have to agree with that, besides being nonsensical and pointless.

To me this whole episode was a huge missed opportunity.

Is there a lot of “near-perfect” success on this show? Because I’m not seeing it.

On the other hand, I don’t mind the easy jokes. This isn’t a show that is aiming high to me, it’s more like Judge’s “Frog Baseball” than Idiocracy.

The sad thing is that these guys are all just ivy league versions of Beavis and Butthead. Is that far from the truth? Probably not.

While none of the characters in Beavis and Butthead were smart, a lot of the humor really was, even when it was being stupid. I’d argue that B&B generally avoided easy jokes. An easy joke is an obvious joke, and SV has made plenty of those. It’s when it shocks us (my favorite moment still has to be when Erlich beats a kid for Adderall) that it’s good. The root of humor, after all, is surprise.

I feel like the show’s pulling in two opposite directions- one is an attempt to bring Office Space satire to the modern tech scene. Absurdity rooted very solidly in a mundane world. The other is an attempt to blow the already weird real-world Silicon Valley up to its most absurd caricature. I don’t feel like these two goals are truly compatible.

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Richard making a woman feel uncomfortable and threatened “I’m not obsessing about you!” he shouts at her HAHAHAHA comedy gold he is acting erratic HAHAhahaHAHA she feels so unsafe HAHAHhaha he blocks her path when she tries to leave HAHAHA she’s so scared HAHA hahahahhah HAHAHA

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I stopped after watching its pilot. I was expecting it to be funny like Office Space. :frowning:

My favorite was the vision quest Erlich had, returning with the kidnapped girl was comedy gold.

Its a shame they go for the cheap jokes so often, when its clear they can do so much better.

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