Silicon Valley teaches Richard how to fire a friend [TV Recap: season 1, episode 2]


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This show hits its weakest points when it tries to make fun of nerds. At the same time, Mochachino is the most interesting female character in the show, which is probably a bigger problem.

Why all the hating, I found episode 2 a bit stronger than episode one.

The show manages to poke fun of start-up culture quite accurately. The programmer/sys-admin speak is clearly well researched.

The scene with the spiritual adviser was classic, as was the whole strip sequence.

The show is growing on me.

I’m not hating. On the balance, I like the show, but its attempts to go “haha, nerds” go over like a lead balloon. It doesn’t have much by way of developed female characters, which while reflective of a real problem in Silicon Valley, isn’t being highlighted as such- it’s just an assumed part of the show.

It’s not that the show is bad- but it could be much better.

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