'Mythic Quest' reminds me of tech startups I escaped

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We watched three episodes and found the writing to be too shallow to continue. Compared to other workplace shows, like the Morning Show, it felt cliche and one-dimensional. Does it get any better as it goes?

It is pretty much “Its Always Sunny at a Start Up”


I could not watch Silicon Valley.

I could, if only to gaze in wonder as they nailed every aspect of tech and startup culture. I constantly had to explain to people who asked me that, no, this is not an exaggeration.

I see the cast has Mac and Rickety Cricket, so I might give it a shot.

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Interesting. I was considering watching this soon, but IASIP doesn’t seem to port well. AP Bio was basically “what if Dennis was a teacher” which got old fast and I could never bring myself to watch The Mick as I think Kaitlin Olsen is quite talented and I didn’t want to watch her be wasted rehashing something she’s already done for 15 years. I think if any of them could pull off something in the style of IASIP, it’s Rob.

I liked it until Season 4, mainly because of Mike Judge’s sense of humor. Once Richard started taking on characteristics of a tech sociopath and Guilfoyle didn’t seem capable of evolving beyond racist attacks on Dinesh (and they seemed to become more one-sided), I lost interest.


I’m wondering how this compares to “Silicon Valley,” which we watched recently. That series started with a lot of cringe-worthy laughs in its first season, but then gradually deteriorated over its next five seasons to become a grim death-march where we ended up hating everyone and everything in the show.

Is “Mythic Quest” any better?

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