Women react to really weird old sex advice throughout history


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1984?! Gotta love the Reagan years.


A more proper place…Hawaii, Right?


Is that what they’re calling it nowadays? I can’t keep up with the younger generation’s slang.


“Oh yeah, I forgot about my vagina.”



I thought the aleutian islands were the furthest back one could get on the U.S.



Nah. That’s Tahiti. It’s a magical place.


Hey! What kind of girl do you think I am?


WAIT! Are you the Kathy Padilla who lived at 487 Splotz Park with Nanna Bev and two brothers Donny and Grungeface, and won the Science Fair two years running at Aqueduct High (home of the Aqua Ducks!) and punched the gym teacher in the 'nads when he said Batman was a fag? /moment of Nic Cage embarrased wheezing and looking around at everything as if delirious / Well imagine that, Kathy Padilla. huurrrmm.


That’s my mother.


Your mother told you she punched the gym coach in the 'nads! I’m shocked and appalled!


Pleased to meet you.


Why are these women talking, instead of fixing my dinner?

  1. the link to Joe Sabia’s site is busted; someone most likely forgot to include the http part, which the CMS interprets as a relative instead of absolute URL.



I was with it right up until that last bit. Like I’d really prefer sex, over having an amazing, fulfilling, organized bookshelf.


Hmmmm, this months Cosmo (it comes to my place of work) had an article about handjobs titled “the sex act he loves” or something equally ridiculous. So I guess it’s true when they say if you wait long enough things come back in style.


As shitty as it sounds social equality trends are not linear.
How will these women’s reactions sound to an audience 50-100 years from now?
I was just talking sense with a friend, a very sharp 90 year old Scottish-NZ unionist-socialist, his once mainstream opinion is now considered looney fringe to most English speakers.


Stout woman, correct instincts.


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