The women held a vote, and you're not allowed to talk to anyone ever again


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I must be way on the outside of this, I felt the same as I did when I heard Sarah Palin talking about slipping and banging her head.


A fantastic poem, and by god I will quote this the next time I hear a turd exclaim that they guess they’re not allowed to speak to anyone anymore.


:laughing: Stellar!

When my son was about four he used to pull that trick: if you won’t give me chocolate right now I guess I can’t ever have any food, ever again! I didn’t even bother to reply, and he cut it out pretty quick.


This vote is legally binding.


Meh. Doesn’t change my life in the slightest. The only people who ever talk to me are the local homeless guys (who might just be talking to themselves for all I know.)


I had to look to see who started the thread before daring to enter in, because that’s literally (LITERALLY, in every sense of the word) what has been said on this forum quite a few times recently. :disappointed:

So pleased to see humor and intelligence representing instead.


Similar here; I came into this thread expecting to need to throw flags all over the place. Pleasantly surprised instead.


We are only on post 8 or so, it’s still early.


Well, we all know you’re not allowed to compliment women anymore, right? So this just makes sense, much easier this way for all involved!


I have a lot of social anxiety when it comes to talking to random people so i think i’m ahead of the game here.


Also, “couches” in the women’s bathroom?

I knew it!

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

That was delicious.


The imagery is all very amusing
but I must admit there is something alluring about this mental model
in which one assumes that everyone voted
and decided one is not allowed to talk to anyone.
Or leave the apartment.
Or get out of bed,
since anything one does
will be worse
than what somebody else would have done.

Ha ha ha.

ETA some pretentious line breaks
i forgot them before


I don’t know how ubiquitous the couch thing is in ladies bathrooms but where i grew up we had a community club with pools, tennis courts, etc. and the men’s bathrooms was what you’d expect. The ladies bathroom was twice as big and had like a lounging area with mirrors to do makeup, had really nice couches, carpeting, curtains, etc. It was really something else, never seen anything like it.



“Everybody face your respective wall and don’t talk anymore.”

  • My dad








Been a fan of UrsulaV’s stuff since I discovered Digger, so excited to see her on BoingBoing. :slight_smile: