Human digestion for the LSD set - LIFE magazine 1962


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Funny, I never had hallucinations like that. :wink:


Looks almost like a Mad Magazine fold-in…


I seem to remember LIFE having at least one article on digestion that was more in the nature of ghastly photographs. The Harvard Lampoon touched on this vein of the magazine’s work in their LIFE parody under the pitch-perfect title, “WHAT YOUR STOMACH DOES TO YOUR LUNCH.”

When Google put all these magazines up for free, I skimmed through all the late Sixties and into the early Seventies. So much interesting stuff. Take a look!

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I was thinking Dali, myself.


I fear this image will be used to deride the geographic areas of rival schools, rural areas, or hometowns that fostered bitter memories.

ingest more or hit up some DMT.

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When print mattered.

Still does.

Mind and paper, inseparable…


Naw, those days are long gone for me. Nowadays, its medicinal herb and a coupla barley sandwiches :slight_smile:

When I’m old I sure as hell hope my kids or someone’s kids can still hook me up… I’ve essentially agreed to give one of my mates a decent dose if he ever ends up in hospital with something terminal.

Also DMT is a 15 minute thing (unless you care to amp it up with an MAOi). How courteous of it to be a mind-bending trip that is over in an extremely manageable timeframe :slight_smile:

Also covered here.
With a link to Unkee E’s Flickr account, where the same images have been scanned in eye-popping detail.

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